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Marilyn Manson & Devil's Night

Hi All

It’s All Hallows Eve Eve, which means it’s Devil’s Night. I’m not sure how many outside of The Crow tradition know of this “holiday” – but, it’s a thing.

Twice, on October 16th of 1994 and then again on March 3rd, 1998, I had the pleasure of meeting Marilyn Manson. For the first meeting, he and the band opened for Nine Inch Nails to promote their first album, “Portrait of an American Family”. Complete with surprises, dildos, and excellent showmanship, Marilyn shined. It was the “Self-Destruct” tour and every moment of it was intense. Marilyn stood in the audience to watch Nine Inch Nails and, a few moments before Trent took the stage, I looked at Marilyn and said, “great show” and he said “thanks”. On March 3rd, 1998 Marilyn was signing his autobiography, “Long Hard Road Out of Hell”, at Tower Records in Las Vegas, Nevada (the signing had to be moved after a bomb threat was reported at Barnes & Noble) and I was in line to get my copy signed. When I finally got to Marilyn I said, “I think you’re great” and he replied “thank you”. Our conversations – between Marilyn Manson and I - have been kind of basic and minimal thus far (LOL).

“Antichrist Superstar”, after years, remains my second favorite album of all time. Second only to The Downward Spiral. I jumped ship for a few of Marilyn’s albums, but wholeheartedly rejoined the fan group after “We Are Chaos” was released in mid-2020. An amazing and unexpected album.

Marilyn Manson has been part of many of my favorite music videos for years. But, if I had to choose a favorite, my favorite is “Long Hard Road Out of Hell” – featuring Kelli Dayton, of the Sneaker Pimps. It’s artistic brilliance – and horrific, while remaining stylized and classy, in a semi-pornographic manner.

It’s Manson – what isn’t there to love?

It’s Devil’s Night. And, for the holiday, I post Marilyn Manson’s, “Long Hard Road Out of Hell” – an amazing song and an amazing video.

I hope you enjoy it – And, Happy Devil’s Night!

Long Hard Road Out of Hell:

Don’t Chase the Dead:

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