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Me - Playing the Washboard

Hi All

I have very exciting news!

Very soon, I'll (with help from friends) be recording the event, "A Very Special Poetry Reading with Jimmy Broccoli" and expect it to be ready for viewing a few days later. This won't be a "live" event, but will be available as soon after filming as possible.Yay!

It's going to be a whole lot of fun!!!!

A few minutes ago I heard from Zack Religious, from Blackbird Raum (responding to my letter) - a musical group I've enjoyed for many years - and they have given me permission to use their song "Honey in the Hair" to play my washboard to during the poetry reading intermission (the half-time show).

I'm very excited! Me, my washboard and thimbles scraping against metal (what isn't to love?), and Blackbird Raum (the band that first turned me on to learning to play the washboard) and their amazing song to accompany my playing. It's a half-time show never experienced before and I'm sure you are as excited about it as I am!

And, if not mistaken, it will be the first half-time show featuring a washboard player during a recorded poetry reading event in history. Yes, we're continuing to make history here at the Jimmy Broccoli page.

And there will be dancers. And a smoke machine. And somebody in costume. It will be like nothing you've seen before - not even close.

I want to thank Blackbird Raum for allowing me to use their song - and I'll do my best not to butcher it during my performance.

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