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Mommy, I Can't Find My Motherf**cking Socks is Released!

Hi All

Today is the day – my newest book is now available on Amazon worldwide and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Written by Jimmy Broccoli & Illustrated by Briana Botsford of Bots Media…

I offer you – “Mommy, I Can’t Find My Motherf**cking Socks”!


It's a beautiful Autumn morning and Little Jimmy is getting ready for school. His clothes are neatly laid out on his bed - his shoes are ready and polished... but - where are Jimmy's socks? How can Jimmy go to school without any socks?

In this hilarious adult satire/parody (this is not a book for children), author Jimmy Broccoli tells the story (the first in the "Adventures of Little Jimmy" series) of a little boy who can't find his socks. What will he do? What will his mother do? Will Jimmy be able to go to school? Will Jimmy's mother burn the muffins?

These questions - and more - are answered within the beautifully illustrated pages of "Mommy, I Can't Find My Motherf**cking Socks". You'll want to share this heartwarming story (it’s the perfect Christmas surprise) with everyone you know (as long as they aren't children).

If you’d like a copy (or more than one – it truly is the perfect gift for your friends and family who have a semi-warped sense of humor), you can find one (or more) here:

Please stay tuned for the second book in the “Adventures of Little Jimmy” series – “Jimmy, You Know You Shouldn’t Smoke Daddy’s Marijuana” – available in late 2024.

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