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My Canine Daughter Damiana & Book of Love's "Witchcraft"

Hi All

My canine daughter Damiana (a rescue) and I spent 15 years together. She was loving, occasionally purposely rebellious, opinionated, and perfect.

In the late 1980s I was a big fan of the alternative music band Book of Love and my favorite song of theirs was and is "Witchcraft". In the song a list of ingredients are put into a cauldron for hopes of the witches' love spell working. "Damiana" is one of the ingredients mentioned.

Not until one year after Damiana's passing, in 2015, did I look up the ingredient. It's a root. It's a root that is supposed to help men with ED. Yes - I accidentally named my canine daughter after a centuries-old herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction. True story.

When I look at photos of Damiana I always smile. I can't help it. She was the embodiment of love. Her brother, Mac Mac Jones (also a rescue) used to collect the dog food (from the bowl) with his mouth and then carry the pellets to Damiana. He would spit them out (lovingly) onto the floor and she would eat them. This happened every day. The love they shared was nothing similar to anything I had seen before or have witnessed since.

Very often I celebrate the life of Damiana - and of all of my amazing canine children who have walked gently across the multi-colored bridge. I remember them daily and loved (and love) them like few humans I've known. Dick Dale, the pioneer of American surf music, once said, "if you want someone to love you, get a dog". He wasn't wrong.

For fun, here is Book of Love with "Witchcraft". An incredible song that led me to name my canine daughter after the damiana root. This post is a tribute to Damiana because she was awesome in absolutely every way.

Below is a photo of Damiana walking with her signature swagger.

Book of Love: "Witchcraft":

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