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  • Jimmy Broccoli

My Dead Friend - Tribute Slideshow

Hi All

Very soon after my best friend passed away in early 2021, I wrote a poem titled, "My Dead Friend" - it describes (in detail) exactly how I felt about losing him.

A few months after my first collection of poems - "Damaged" - was released, I held auditions for the audiobook version. I chose "My Dead Friend" as the audition poem to see if any narrator could capture the piece as I intended it to be read. After listening to 37 narrator auditions, there was only one narrator who captured my words brilliantly (with no close second).

The recording is perfect - he captures every syllable as it was meant to be spoken.

The narrator is Kyle Colton - one of the best narrators in the world - and I am (was) very lucky to have him narrate "Damaged".

Here is my poem, "My Dead Friend" - a slideshow (with a short video of me at the end) - narrated by Kyle Colton - this is the audition (without any of it changed) - and, I hope you enjoy it!

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