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  • Jimmy Broccoli

My Dog Nembutal

He is my new little friend

His tail wags happily and with much enthusiasm

as we pause at the front door to grab his collar and leash -

He takes me for walks, and I gladly follow

My little friend’s name is Nembutal

It’s early evening – we’re on our final walk of the day

My dog and I are mesmerized by the beauty of the setting sun

It sets intentionally and with dignity

The fading yellows and accompanying oranges sit upon the horizon brilliantly –

My dog and I are unable to look away

He lays at the foot of my bed as slumber’s footfalls approach

I listen to him breathing, and it makes me smile

I place a bit of the blanket over him to keep him warm

He sleeps – and it is not yet time for him to wake

The next day begins with threatening clouds of grey

and brings with it the promise of coming rain

The air has grown chilly –

and my winter jacket no longer keeps me warm

My dog looks up at the trembling and rumbling sky

Then he shifts his gaze to look at me –

and I understand –

My dog stares at me lovingly…

I crouch down to run my fingers through his magnificent hair

And I embrace him…

I embrace him

The sun is setting – and it is beautiful!

I breathe – then I breath again

Then I breathe no more…

My dog suddenly disappears,

becoming starlight – once again

Shining his light down upon those who need it

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli.

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