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My Review of Carl Butler's "The Saga of Sir Bumble: Tales From the Butterleaf Realm"

Hi All

Recently I had the pleasure of reading Carl Butler’s new collection of poems, “The Saga of Sir Bumble: Tales From the Butterleaf Realm” [yes, the photo below could be flipped, but I prefer this angle].

I was first introduced to Carl’s poetry about three years ago – and have been reading and enjoying it since. Carl is a master storyteller – and he is among the very best writers writing today.

First – the entire presentation (the cover and the contents) of “Sir Bumble” is fantastic! The pages are made to look like old-style parchment with the words written in an easy-to-read script. It all sets the mood marvelously as we (as readers) dive into this imaginative collection.

When I first began reading “Sir Bumble”, I was unsure if I was reading a book for children (the book has amazing illustrations throughout), for young adults, or for adults - and soon discovered it’s a book that can easily be enjoyed and understood by older children, by young adults, and by adults – it’s a poetic journey for just about everyone – and it’s an adventure like I’ve not previously experienced.

My favorite aspects of “Sir Bumble” are Carl Butler’s characters – they are beautifully imagined and portrayed - with their poetic stories masterfully woven intricately together.

I am not often “wowed” by a collection of poems (I’ve read LOTS of poetry) – but, I easily use this word when referring to “The Saga of Sir Bumble: Tales From the Butterleaf Realm”. It’s a thrilling and intricate adventure I plan to revisit from time to time – it’s that good.

This is Carl’s first book in his The Inner Child series – and I highly recommend it. It’s imaginative poetry at its finest and it (is now) among my favorite books. It proudly sits on the top shelf on my bookcase with my other favorites – because it belongs there.

If you would like to pick up a copy, one can be found here:

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli with Carl Butler's "The Saga of Sir Bumble: Tales from the Butterleaf Realm".

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