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New Beginnings - New York & R.E.M.

Hi All

23 years and 2 months ago I moved from my hometown to New York City.

On the plane ride over I listened to "E-Bow The Letter", by R.E.M., several times (it was on a short musical loop of songs provided by the airline) and it immediately became my theme song for rebirth, starting anew, and new beginnings. I moved my entire life and focus from one city to another. Amazing things were ahead and I couldn't have been more excited.

My time in New York is remembered with great fondness and I have many incredible memories. I experienced new things, while there, and my time there permanently changed me. But, I didn't make it in New York. So I returned to my hometown.

On the plane ride back to Las Vegas I listened to "E-Bow The Letter", by R.E.M. several times because it was still on the short musical loop of songs provided by the airline (Delta). It, for a second time, represented (to me) a re-start, a new beginning, and a new focus towards a life and a future I had recently left.

This song means a lot to me. Honestly, I've started over (in life) so many times after terrible times and hitting rock bottom that I treasure more than a few "new beginnings" anthems. But, "E-Bow The Letter" was my "new beginnings" song twice - and, for that, I give it special props.

My most recent (and last) "new beginning" happened in December of 2018. Without going into details - it is a time I threw away all medications, got rid of all toxic relationships (including those that ruled my life), and abandoned all ideas that made me less than I could be. In other words, I grew the fuck up and removed all the shit that was preventing me from becoming better as a human being.

One day I may share with you the various songs that "saved my life" but, for now, I'm good with sharing the song that, within a short period of time, became my "new beginnings" song (twice) - and, without it, I'm not sure how I would have survived those days.

It's "E-Bow The Letter", by R.E.M. (and Patti Smith), and it's the song that got me through it. And, I hope you enjoy it!

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