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Open Mic Night: I Bombed

Hi All

Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago. I've only read it once in front of an audience and my reading dramatically bombed.

Last summer (now you know what I did then ) I attended an open-mic night at a really beautiful, outdoor venue with a good number of audience members and 8 of us read that evening. I was 7th. I remember, while sitting in my chair (listening to those before me), thinking "I'm in the wrong place - this isn't my crowd".

All of the poets who presented before me were spoken word/performance artists and the audience reacted to the performance artists as they always do. They holler out at the poet (for encouragement) and talk during the reading, as if they were at a spirited church service. Two of the poets who read are good friends and offered very innovative, creative works that I later read and thoroughly enjoyed. The others - they screamed a lot, raised their fists in the air, and delivered the most basic and uninspired verse I've ever heard.

I stepped in front of the mic and the audience talked and hollered out. No judgement - but I knew it wasn't my scene. People hollering are not listening - they are participating.

But, I really like this poem and regret those in attendance during that event didn't get to hear it.

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