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Pieces of Hope - Johanne Lee & Debbie Clewer

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This is my review of Johanne Lee & Debbie Clewer's poetry collection, "Pieces of Hope"...


English writers Johanne Lee and Debbie Clewer have been among my favorite poets since near the time I first joined the online poetry community. Both are fantastic storytellers – using the right words at the right time in imaginative and unique ways.

Recently Johanne and Debbie teamed up to write “Pieces of Hope”, a collection of poetry and prose with proceeds going to War Child UK – an organization whose mission it is to educate and stand up for the rights of children living through conflict/war – they (War Child UK) go to the hardest to reach places to support those who are hit hardest – they aim to be there for children who need the help most.

“Pieces of Hope” is a powerful and heartfelt collection of poems - and is one of the finest collections of poetry I’ve read (and I’ve read many). Offering hope to those in conflict and exposed to war is not easy – “Pieces of Hope” is a welcoming blanket for those seeking encouragement and comfort - and for those looking for hope in a world filled with doubt and with violence.

Johanne Lee and Debbie Clewer’s “Pieces of Hope” is among my favorite collections of poems and – I suspect – if you pick up a copy, it will become a favorite of yours as well.

I give “Pieces of Hope” 5 (out of 5) stars. It’s outstanding verse – with a heart of gold.

Below is one poem written by Debbie Clewer and one poem written by Johanne Lee – reprinted with the permission of the authors. Links for ordering “Pieces of Hope” are below the poems.


Colours of Life

Colour sets the world alight

Silver are the stars

That Illuminate the night

yellow & amber

Of a waking dawn

Pale blue skies

Of a summer morn

Colour fills the world

With exquisite beauty

Turquoise streams

Flow ever so Softly

To cobalt seas

Changing to green

Like the leaves on trees

Meadows of gold

Richer than Kings

Pale pink blossoms

Surrounding our dreams

White clouds of purity

Sunbeams like honey

Wealth is in nature

' more precious than money.

- Debbie Clewer


For Zara

Still they plant olives

that hope to reach daylight

frail stems of them holding the stone peacefully

hoping to breed

Loves tapenade

and celebrate the oils

of life

though weathered

and brutalized earth

speaks its strife

still the Olive

offers its branch


Typically longing for sunshine

as with living-deeds of kindness

worry-about grounding – seeking shelter

to harvest the green of life’s drought

of peace

Still they plant olives

and the hope shall never cease

for its branch

- Johanne Lee


Pieces of Hope:

War Child (organization):

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli with "Pieces of Hope".

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