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Book Recommendations: Josh West, Antonio Eramo & Mary Grace T. Gonzeles

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Hi All

As a writer, I enjoy being a part of the international poetry community - while also supporting authors of other genres (especially horror, fantasy, and short story writers). I've met amazing writers from all over the globe and, over the past 15 months, I've gotten to know several authors well. I am actively engaged within a few major online communities and, from these interactions, have formed many strong bonds.

In support of the work of author friends, I often purchase their books. Finding time to read them all is a challenge - but all are on my "To Do" list and I look forward to reading all of them as time allows.

This evening I'd like to give shout-outs to 3 highly talented poets. I've received their books in the mail over the past week and am shining the spotlight on them here. If you are looking for amazing, top-notch poetry - all three of these authors consistently offer outstanding verse and I highly recommend their work.

From left to right:

Mary Grace T. Gonzales. "Where to Find Me":

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