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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Poor (not from a pitcher, a lifestyle)

I hate being poor –

I wish my big dick could buy some motherfucking groceries –

and I know that it could – but I’m probably a bit too old to be at the bar hustling

I’d eat dog food if I had it –

But I ain’t had a dog in a little over a year –

he passed away – he was old –

and I always fed him – always played with him (for hours every day) –

he was my best friend – every day – at every minute and he lived a good life –

a very good life

I’ve learned a single packet of original flavor Quaker Oats oatmeal will allow me to get through the afternoon at work – but, I can’t say what will happen after

It’s 4 days until payday and the cupboards are bare – there is ice in the freezer and slightly moldy oranges in the refrigerator –

I get out the oranges and do not look at them while I eat them –

they last me until bedtime and I’m starving – but, it’s okay –

there will be tomorrow

It’s Thursday and I am unable to get out of bed –

my alarm clock sounds, and I let it ring –

being poor isn’t fair – it’s not okay for people not to be eating –

it’s not okay

I don’t make it to work – and my boss calls –

and I do not answer

It’s Friday – my paycheck drops –

and I make it another day –

I buy limited groceries and pay a couple of my bills

I go to work…

I made it another day

But – there will be next week…

there will be next week

and… I’ll be poor then too

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli.

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