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"Rabbits" - Available on Amazon

Hi All

I hope you are having an amazing day!

Today is the official launch of my second collection of poems, "Rabbits" (the follow-up, but not the sequel, to "Damaged") and I'm super excited about it!

“Rabbits” is a poetic trip down the dimly-lit and mysterious rabbit hole – adventures await those brave enough to venture into the underground lair of the rabbit.

And - for 48 hours - "Rabbits" (the paperback) is only $5 and the e-book is $1 (prices in US dollars).

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Briana Botsford, of Bots Media, for creating the "Rabbits" mask and for designing the cover - and a huge THANK YOU goes to Keith Sparks for formatting both the paperback and e-book versions of "Rabbits".

And - thank you (to all of you) - for being a part of my life! I appreciate and treasure the friendships I've made since joining the worldwide poetry community - please know you mean the world to me!

Cover Art: Created by Briana Botsford of Bots Media.

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