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  • Jimmy Broccoli

"Rabbits" on the Shelves of the Augusta-Richmond Public Library

Hi All

I hope you've having an amazing day!

I am thrilled my second collection of poems, "Rabbits", has been accepted by the Augusta-Richmond County Library System (!) - it is currently on the New Release shelves in the main lobby of the Downtown Library.

Due to the (mature) content of what I write, both "Damaged" (my first collection of poems) and "Rabbits" are frequently rejected by bookstores and by libraries. I am a HUGE supporter of freedom of speech and freedom of expression and - since my books are written for and targeted at adults - I believe readers can make up their own minds regarding what they read - I don't think these decisions should be made by those who wish to censor content and materials ("They don't gotta burn the books, they just remove 'em" - from "Bulls on Parade", Rage Against the Machine).

With that said - thank you Augusta-Richmond County Public Library System for accepting "Rabbits" (they accepted "Damaged" last year) - I greatly appreciate it!

Photo: "Rabbits" on the New Release shelves in the lobby of the Main Library in downtown Augusta, Georgia (USA).

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