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Raven Cage #66 - My first Short Story Published

Hi All

As you may know, I've been writing poetry for quite some time and only (very) recently have started to write short stories.

I'm thrilled to announce one of my short stories, "Humiliation: A Classy Suit, Metallic Underwear, and Puppies" (A True Story), has been accepted by Raven Cage (E-Zine #66) - it is the first time a short story of mine has been published. This acceptance gives me the confidence to continue writing prose alongside the poetry I write.

And - I send a huge thanks to Jerry Langdon (and to all others involved) for including my work!

The poetry and prose within the pages of Raven Cage are exceptional writings and I couldn't be happier or more honored for my work to be included.

A free copy can be seen here:

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