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Reimaged Cover for "Boy"

Hi All

I hope you are enjoying the day!

In September of 2023, I released my 3rd collection of poems, "Boy". I included my stuffed animal friends (soft toys, for those of you in the UK - they aren't taxidermy - Haha ) Hee Haw (the donkey) and Oink Oink (the pig) on the cover.

I LOVE the cover - it's super cute. But (unfortunately), the image makes the book look like it is for children (it, certainly, is not). So - during in-person events and appearances (in late 2023) - people passing by (my booth or table) paid attention to all of my books (and book covers), except for "Boy". During in-person events, "Boy" didn't sell a single copy. So - I knew I needed to make an adjustment. I learned cover art is VERY important. It's helps sell a book - or it doesn't.


I am VERY HAPPY with the reimagined cover! And - that is thanks to Bots Media - who do an amazing job creating all of my book covers!

Here is the reimagined cover of "Boy"! If you'd like to pick up a copy, links are below.

And - as always - thank you!


United Kingdom: (Amazon UK continues to display the previous cover for the thumbnail image - I am working with Amazon UK to change this).

Image: The cover of Jimmy Broccoli's "Boy". Reimagined/reconceptualized by Jimmy Broccoli - created by Bots Media.

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