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Release of My 4th Collection of Poems: "Failure"

Hi All

I hope you are having a terrific day!

I am SUPER excited to announce the release of my 4th collection of poems, “Failure”!

This is the Cover Reveal and the announcement “Failure” is officially released today on Amazon worldwide.

“Failure” is a “Best Of” collection, if you will – the very best from my previous collections, “Damaged”, “Rabbits”, & “Boy”.

So many of us (including me) were viewed as "failures" when we were young - and that can (and often does) continue into adulthood. If told this often enough, we begin to believe it.

In the forward of the collection I write a good deal about "failure" and how I - throughout most of my life - was viewed as a "failure" by many and in several situations - for years. This collection is a CELEBRATION of what happens when we no longer accept the description and rebel against those who ever doubted us.

If you already own these three collections, you already have all of the poems within “Failure”. If you own one or none of these – and are looking for my very best work within one collection – this is it.

“Failure” – Now Available Worldwide (links below).

If you do not live in the aforementioned countries and would like a copy of Failure - please let me know.

Cover of Failure: Conceptualized by Jimmy Broccoli, designed and created by Bots Media.

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