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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Release of "Spotlight"!

Hi All

It's a really exciting day!

The poetry anthology "Spotlight" is now available on Amazon!

"Spotlight" is a collection of poetry written by 83 poets who are among my favorite writers writing today. I strongly believe some of the best poetry – ever – has been written in recent years; to include many amazing poems being written now, in 2022. The poetry within "Spotlight" is a celebration of these literary accomplishments.

I thank all of the amazing poets whose work is within it's pages!

And - all proceeds from the sale of "Spotlight" will go to Planned Pethood of Georgia - an organization helping pets and the people who care for them by providing innovative programs and affordable services that save lives.

To those who pick up a copy of "Spotlight" - if you love it, please take a moment to give it stars and write a review on Amazon - these reviews make a huge difference and are greatly appreciated!


The United Kingdom (to include Ireland):

Germany, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, & Switzerland:

I plan to do this again (including the poetry of 80-ish other poets) next year. Please look for "Encore" to be released around this time in 2023!

And - a huge thank you goes to Briana Botsford, of Botsford Media! Briana created the cover of "Spotlight" and all eye-catching and colorful promotions. And I thank Jamie Santomasso for formatting the paperback - it turned out beautifully! And I thank Keith Sparks - without his assistance, "Spotlight" wouldn't be offered as an e-Book - Keith's skills (and patience) made it happen.

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