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Slackeye Slim - Announcement

Hi All

I have an announcement (you're probably thinking, another one?) that can't wait until next Sunday.

I've been chatting with musician Slackeye Slim this early afternoon- who I've been a big fan of for about 11 years - and he has given me permission to use his song, "No Place Fer Me" for an upcoming poetry reading.

It's when Jimmy Broccoli goes Hellbilly.

This reading won't be like any poetry reading you've seen or heard before - it's going to be Guns N' Roses meets Emily Dickinson, with a country slant. I'm currently going through the details. The location has already approved the recording (with the condition that I not mention the name of the building - haha ). Now, I'm just looking for a few folks to assist. If you are in the Atlanta area and are interested in possibly joining for this fun presentation - just let me know. Those who assist will be paid.

This event will be worth the watch - I promise. I'll provide the link as soon as it is available. Hoping to get this going soon.

And, as always, thanks for hanging out with me in the Tray! And, a very big thank you to Slackeye Slim!

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