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Spotlight: Alys Kane

Hi All

It's time to shine the spotlight on a very talented writer/poet. Today I'm thrilled to present poems by Alys Kane.

Alys and I became virtually acquainted a few months ago and we immediately hit it off. She is my first friend from (and lives in) Wales and I enjoy our conversations very much. More than once, Alys has made me smile on a day I didn't think smiling possible.

And she happens to be an excellent poet. I've followed her work for months and her poems are consistently good.

It is with admiration I share two of her poems here today.

In Alys' own words:"I've been writing and reading poetry since September 2020. It is now a way of life and here's a big thank you to anyone who shows an interest in my work".

- Alys Kane

Your Party In My Temple

One more kick and you dance You dance inside my head. You are the drum beat of the rain and I feel everything you said.

You've made my Temple yours today You turned up unannounced, with your icons and your drums I felt you search for me... then pounce

I was dressing up for one night out But you have your hands around my neck You grip me, and the Temple shouts... then echoes with intent.

And now I'm barely standing as your pain remains so strong. I hear the Temple beat it's drum... while your party carries on.

Pain attacking both my eyes I sit here on your floor At such a pace, you tantalise You are so evil to the core. I need someone to pick me up I've lost all sense of me.

The drum is pounding Never stopping The Temple crowded Party popping Take your hands away from me... and abandon every drum One more kick is one too many In my head you've won

Alys Kane


It Is What It Is

It is what it is Love for a day For a week, for a month Just love thrown away

You thought that she loved you, but she now has gone Love for a short time And love come undone.

It is what it is No way to define it.

Take it or leave it? So hard to decline it?

I did love you then, but I don't anymore.

I will love you forever I know that for sure.

Love is a potion with so many blends It can turn into anything It so often depends.

While he thought she loved him And maybe she did. For a month, for year... Heaven forbid.

Well he might have meant it then. But will now no longer say the overrated little words So he let them go astray.

She did, she did And so did he I have And I will For love is free.

Alys Kane

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