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Spotlight: Amrita Valan

Hi All

It's a great day for me to shine the spotlight on an individual I find highly talented. It is with pleasure I share with you the poetry of Amrita Valan with you today!

I've been a fan of Amrita's poetry for a little over 2 years. Her verse is exceptional and her work is included within my second poetry anthology, "Encore".

Here is Amrita in her own words:

Amrita Valan is an Indian writer, and mommy of two boys. She has had two published books, Arrivederci Fifty Poems, and a collection of short stories titled In Between Pauses. She writes about life as it has treated her, and as she reconciles to its quirky twists and turns, and seeks her own answers to big questions. Her poems revolve around life and its counterfoil, death. Loss and reunion, time’s tyranny and love’s salvation. Two more of her books, Love Song of a Woman, and Arrivederci The Journey Continues are awaiting publication this year.

Here is a poem by Amrita Valan - and I'm certain you'll enjoy it as much as I do!


Love Outlasts Time

Time's shores stretch beyond

The horizon of this life

Like a distant pearl

It shines a future light

Swept away by the sea waves

into cryptic oblivion I wept,

For an entire generation that once

Laughed under the golden sun.

Cavorted on the sands of time

Life’s bland blissful ocean front

The murky bed below beckoned

Silent obscene taunt.


Easy in peace. Or in want.

It is over. You, your fight.

My incensed soul still seeks

In the insane still, that

Reeks of something more

A little more dubious delight

A penny drop insight.

Stars hang bright

Heaving black canvas

Night. Deception sighs.

Mother moon swoons,

Pallid silver gloom.

I take leave, to submit my quest

I wish ask, beseech, pray.

Test no more.

My human faith.

Am I fervent prey? When we

Depart our dearest,

Are we to live another day?

Less an atheist, I,

Quixotic seeker, hunt hallowed grails

As the chalice of breath empties itself

My dreams wail, my innards rail

The invisible trail of immortal nectar

Trickles beyond ether’s veil.

Bones throb. Blood wails.

A howl, towards token

God or a ghoul.

A Time pauses.

Upon the shores

Of certain chance

Sunlit gleams enhance

Old patches, scraps of

Memoirs, evergreen valleys

On steep banks of thought.

Moonlight winks shimmering

Startling the Elysian pause.

The Celestial bodies dance.

Unmoved by our petty thrall,

Our accidental occurrence

For a heartbeat’s irrelevance

On waves of eternity

Reverent, radiant.

Of humanity, I sing

Like a headless deathless

ghost at the final temporal post

Where space, slyly bearded

disguises divinity.

I sing human cost.

And remember sweet girls

Who were daughters and

Mothers, nieces and wives.

Sister your soul slivers

Kiss robust aunt Moon.

That is why she flickers

In silver swoon. She is

My mother too.

Else she is just a rock

Grey cratered dock

Where we park questions

Unhinged, tidally locked.

Love hits harder

Now, as depletes

Faith’s might.

love is replete,

In kisses and caresses

Woos unyielding night.

Looking for a quantum breach

To unravel the maddening fabric

Of space time continuum.

Make love for it anoints reason

The king who needs

The kingmaker.

Love’s surfeit shall not accept

Unholy endings.

Accidental tropes of such

Strange deceit.

Love will be eternal damnation of death

Its grave defeat.

© Amrita Valan December 1st 2023

Photo: Amrita Valan.

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