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Spotlight: Brandie Elaine

Hi All

This week it is with great celebration I share with you the work of poet Brandie Elaine on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website!

Brandie's poetry is fire. Her words and poetic technique scorch and devour the traditional and commonplace and replace them with reimagined and reawakened landscapes. Brandie Elaine is one of my favorite poets - her work is original, consistently excellent, and it often pushes stylistic norms and subject-matter taboos. Brandie's words tell it like it is with unapologetic brilliance.

Here is Brandie in her own words:

I have spent my life at home with those who reject societal norms in favor of more authentic self expression, regardless of the opinion of the masses. I am a Hellenic Priestess responsible for running the group Hellenismos: Temple of the Gods and a lot of my poetic expression is influenced by my years of study of Ancient Greek religion and paganism, in general. May the Old Gods rise again. Blessed Be.

(Blessed Be, in response).

It is an honor to feature the poems of Brandie Elaine on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website!


The Flood

Deluge of the fuge banging out d minor I dont even care if it's in tune You'll worship the moon as she sways the monstrosity of waves There is no refuge from the clashing blue lagoon There are OLD sailors There are BOLD sailors But NO BOLD OLD sailors The red sky in the morning is your only fucking warning Learn to swim Or drown in the drink, the albatross is circling pigs on the wing I can hear them singing blood upon the risers God damn all the liars who made kings They worship rings and love their crowns and never touch unholy ground While the piously profound are pissed upon Bring the dawn of their destruction and cease the evil function Return the world immaculate to grave There's nothing to save


Few are the Mystai of Surrealism

Atlantis mantis towers in tannins Terrifying testimate of sea You can't kill me With green blood blasphemizing Blantantly agonizing bureaucratic nightmare in disease Cancerous testes tazered by a pigeon I don't need your Jesus cookies or your bland religion Rectified electrified certified agriculture Future farmers farming farms of fantastic horticulture Cancel culture Feral in fear of shoes fuck your fucking underoos Freeballing recalling rancid raucous revolution Take me back to monkey land I reject this evolution Bipedal biopsy in a biodome of hypocrisy All hail mediocrity while watching old man Socrates choke on weeds n die from the lies of a kingdom that wont outlive the demon of democratic dialation donating gore to war Isolation is all that I am existing for Now close the door

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