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Spotlight: Camillion

Hi All

It's an awesome day for me to share the work of someone I find highly-talented. Today, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, it is an honor to share with you the work of poet Camillion.

I've followed Camillion's writing for several months and always look forward to reading her new poems. I relate to her work and we share many of the same struggles and challenges in life. Several weeks ago Camillion and I (and one other poet) took part in a few hour discussion (online) about all kinds of things - and that is when she and I became friends.

She's an outstanding poet, an amazing person, and a treasured friend.

Camillion in her own words:

I've been writing since I was a child. When I first started it was to cope with my anxiety and to find the courage to speak.

Published multiple times, Ravencage, Open skies, The Femdom covern, and my own poetry collections. Shadowed by her truth, The Taste of passion. Poet, and storyteller.

Here are two poems by Camillion - and I know you'll love them as much as I do! ______________


I remember being the girl too afraid to speak. That would ask for multiple bath room breaks just so I could cry. This is what it feels like having anxiety. My mind was my enemy playing tricks on me. Creating visuals of every fear that I could imagine. Feeling sick every time I had to go some where. I was starting to believe that I was ill. My heart constantly racing. Nothing ever felt right. Something was always missing. I tried to sleep, but my mind never knew quit. Every fear would arise making my skin crawl. Till my imagination would create realities that would bring me to my knees. If I saw it I was afraid. If it wasn't planned I'd over think it. If it was a surprise I'd be upset. Not knowing would send me in a panic. The unexpected I feared it. Every day is a struggle but some how I learn to manage. I keep busy to keep the negative away. Noise keeps it to a minimum. Distractions I need them so I don't think the worse. But every day I get up knowing that I have survived another day. That nothing is going to hurt me. But this feeling is the battle I face on the daily. So when I tell you I can't. Or when I ignore you. I'm not being rude. I'm just trying to quiet the voices in my head that tell me that I'm not enough. But deep down I know that I am. ______________

Just a girl

I need you to know that I might not act like it. But I'm sensitive. I'm not avoiding you, but I'm scared. That if I let you in, will you see past my guard? Will you see the girl before heartbreak knew my name? Can you kiss me so gently that I learn to be soft again? Can you love me with patience? I guess I need to know can you be sweet, but be a man who never let's me go. That when I pull away, you know it is a kiss that I need. That when my tears weep, you can tell me that it is okay. Can you love me past this guard?

I'm gentle but tough. I'm sweet to a fault. I won't let you in easy, but when I do I'll do it all the way.

Know that if I let you see. That you are special. I could never hide if you can see. The girl that I protect. The girl who has a vulnerability that is rare. The girl I use to be. Where I wore my heart on my sleeve.


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