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Spotlight: Carl Butler

Hi All

It's a great day to share with you the work of an individual I find highly talented. Today - on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website (to be posted later) - it is an honor to be sharing with you the poems of Carl Butler!

I've known Carl and have been familiar with his work for a couple of years - he is one of the Admins at Dark Poetry Society - and it is there he and I first met. Mentioning only a few things about Carl and his poetry is difficult - he has accomplished much and his writing talents appear to be limitless. Carl is both an outstanding poet and a great friend.

Carl in his own words:

59 years experience has been condensed into 2 years of writing and sharing it in poetic form. Born in west midlands walsall now lives in Cheshire

Masters Degree in Business Administration, master scuba diver. Market trader and online Facebook seller

Admin and Co group owner of Dark Poetry Society with Amanda Jayne Benton who is both a close friend and inspiration.

Also Amanda was editor of my debut poetry collection My Black Swan Calling, which was released last September and I have a number of follow up collections to be released in the future.

Since joining Dark Poetry Society my poetic depth and breadth has increased dramatically and I now cover many genres. Admin for that group takes up a significant amount of time but it's a way of giving back for all of the support I have been given.

You want to know more it's all in the poetry or please feel free to ask.

Here are two poems by Carl Butler - and I know you'll love them as much as I do! ______________


Starting as a whisper Barely hear it speak A voice calls from the darkness Laconic, low and weak

But its tempo rising It echoes in my head My frustration unsurprising As I'm lying here in bed

Voices getting louder This nightmare is no dream My mind it starts to flounder A fish caught in midstream

Succumb to this crescendo That's raging in my mind There is no innuendo To all else I am blind

Do it do it do it now The voices scream and cry Painstakingly I write words down Another poem born to die ____

THE WOLF RE AWAKENS . My thoughts are darkened How can I take this pain away? The deepest clawing, gnawing feeling Scaping at my knees. No one sees The hurt so physical Like a wolf trapped in some random cage.

Yearning for its freedom It will howl and whimper Snarl and simper Gnash its teeth and bare its claws Until crimson blood will smear the floor In acrid pools now mixed with tears The throbbing and the tearing.

I just want to rip and tear my flesh Exhume the very bones That lie in tortured agony Yes this is me As I lie in yet another night of pain

Alone yet again And drowning in my sea of sorrows My maw a mourning gaping void Just wishing to avoid the move The next bad flex That stabs me in the brain.

My nerves are shredded and There no somnolence Only irritating, debilitating pain.

My wolf has woken And I cannot Cajole it back to sleep again The pain ............!!!!!

Photo: Carl Butler.

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