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Spotlight: Carol Ann

Hi All


an amazing day to shine the spotlight on someone I find highly talented. Today, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, it is an honor to share with you the writing of Carol Ann!

Carol Ann and I met soon after I joined Dark Poetry Society several months ago and, since, we've become good friends. Carol Ann is one of the most delightful people I've met in recent years - and she's a terrific poet!

Carol Ann in her own words:

I am Carol Ann, a retired nurse, wife, mom, grandma, friend, aunt, and now poet.

My writing began long ago when I wrote stories, and poems as a young girl.

In my nursing career, I wrote a few articles, and then just wrote in personal journals.

Two years ago, my love of poetry was rekindled doing word challenges and picture prompts.

I belong to several poetry groups and have been published in a few anthologies.

Here are two poems by Carol Ann, and I know you'll love them as much as I do! ______________ Deep Hurt

In the periphery sensing very profound slight Pain fierce and stabbing when words seen in black and white. Knowing beforehand doesn’t diminish the hurtful pain, little girl inside lets the tears fall like rain. Blood family toxic - no other word - except maybe insane. Come from a place called the land of pretend. Everything was always perfect, especially when it was not. Then extra vigilant to keep a happy smile on face no matter the horrific abuse taking place. Parents are now gone; the familial abuse they were unable to break. In this generation there is some give and take. Several getting help so as not to repeat previous mistakes. A few successful, others not, for it takes hard work and perseverance to overcome the past, which some haven’t got. Their demons deeply embedded no chance for them to be cast out or shredded. Grateful of the love and caring of many, and all the hard arduous work that has been done. Breaking the abuse cycle until there is none. This painful blip seen on the radar will not keep gratitude and love down.

Carol Ann Doveatt June 6,2022 RIP Carol Ann Gardner Sullivan Roller Born 11/21/1935 Died 06/05/2022 ______________ Autumnal Glow

The wind whispers stirring the colorful fall leaves. Awareness

prickles down the spine ensuring that the lovers message

has been received. Heart rate quickens…a staccato beat.

Feeling dizzy, must take a seat. The lightest of caresses trails

down the cheek awakening deep seated desires. Another caress

to the neck brings forth molten fire. Lips caressing, fingers touching.

Senses scattered - feeling so much, skin now blushing. Overwhelmed

with all the sensations skittering through the body - hanging on then

letting go taking all that is offered; emboldened by the gasps and

moans that embody the soul. This connection goes beyond physical

body, intertwining connecting everywhere as the love flows. Kisses

sweet then fiercely claiming. Caresses more frantic deeper and

inflaming. Every inch of bodies delightfully explored until both

are gasping - panting for more. Sliding home they sigh with heartfelt

relief. The pleasure so intense with the buildup of heat. This incredible

love is so real and gives each other all of the feels. Hands clasped

gleaming with sweat, sweet tender kisses given exhaling deep

satisfied breaths. Now talking softly, lightly caressing fevered brows,

slowly floating back down. Their trysting cabin hidden in the trees

A place just for them where no one can see or be. Until winter brings

the harsh cold wind and snowfall. Then all the leaves will be gone.

The trees now awaiting spring, as are the lovers now in a fall


Carol Ann 11/2021

Photo: Carol Ann

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