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Spotlight: Chris Weir

Hi All

It's a great day to shine the spotlight on someone I find highly talented. Today, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, it is with great fanfare I share with you the poetry of Chris Weir.

I first began reading Chris' poems about a year ago - and have followed her work since. Since then, we've become good friends and frequently comment on each other's work. Chris is an outstanding poet and a wonderful friend.

Chris in her own words:

My name is Chris Weir I live the dreams of poetry

Here are two poems by Chris - and I know you'll love them as much as I do! ______________


Once upon a crazy day in May A storm in spring blew this away

A hospital stood here once back in the day Many patients they did stay

A soldier, within this chair he sat Lost his legs in a grenade blast

Will call him soldier Sam Soldier Sam was a heroic man

The storm set in that early may day With no legs soldier Sam couldn't get away

His arms were full you see A little boy and girl, one seven and one three

One arm to steer his wheelchair Soldier Sam pressed on despite the howl in the air

A tornado tore through the halls Screams shrieked through the walls

With no legs to run, soldier Sam said "On the floor now, I'll cover you"

With a mighty thrust with all his strength Soldier Sam now on the kids holds them tight

When the storm was over The skies all clear

Two little kids sat In each other's small arms

When a doctor finally came around Found that little boy and little girl

They kept asking "where's the man" Confused the doctor asked "who"

Children in unison said "Soldier Sam, the no legged man"

The doctor hit the ground Upon his knees he fell

Soldier Sam was a patient there 20 years ago

The doctor told the children the story of soldier Sam

Sam had come in with several bad injuries

Though his legs were gone Severe infection took his life

As tears started to fall down the doctor’s face

He looked at those kids, then The empty wheelchair

It was soldier Sam who had saved the lives of the children that day

It was that same doctor who sat with soldier Sam the day that Sam breathed his very last breath

It is within the spirit of the soldier That true heroism lies ______________

Cotton candy fantasy

Once upon a daydream Floating within sunbeams

High above the housetops Licking candy sweet lollipops

Tasting syrupy sweet strawberry clouds Tip of my tongue sticks out

Swimming in pools so sweet Drinking my fill of all the sweet tea

Cascading falls of jellybeans Feeling like a real honey queen

Holding out my hands for more Oh' the cotton candy of pink galore

This must be heaven I'm in Scents of delicious cinnamon

Tempting my taste buds this is Tiny, delicious cakes of peppermint

Writing this poem only made my hungry Apologies to each and all. Don't unfriend me.

Nothing like a lip-smacking fantasy To tempt us all on a Saturday

Photo: Chris Weir.

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