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Spotlight: Christina Sasa

Hi All

It's an amazing day to shine the spotlight on someone I find highly talented. Today, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, it is an honor to share with you the work of Christina Sasa!

Christina's writing first made me say "Wow" several months ago and this word has escaped my lips multiple times since while reading other poems of hers. Her ink is consistently compelling and captivating. And, she is one of the poets with work within the pages of the upcoming anthology, "Spotlight" (to be released as a paperback and as an eBook on March 18th), and I couldn't be more thrilled to include her poetry!

Here is Christina in her own words:

Bio: Christiana Sasa has been writing poetry for a little more than four years. Her work has been published in the literary magazines Poetry Life and Times, Literary Heist, Eskimo Pie, Rye Whiskey Review etc. and in two E-zines called Dark Poetry Society and RavenCage.

Besides poetry, she's interested in painting, music, short films, and comedy.

Here are two of Christina's poems - and I know you'll love them as much as I do! ______________

•• blue of her •• ------------------

she wore the night sky in her eyes putting the stars out because you wanted to see only her darkness

her cherry-crushed lips a success no doubt! hiding her blood-stained words you ostracized. her wisdom she ignored. you ignored.

Don't trust her smile! That's treacherous. a hollow mouth gaping stuffed with silenced screams aching beyond

she opened her magic diary every time you wanted to stab its pages one by one with all your might and monsters

her dreams scattered cornered along the border-

lines you crossed so carelessly!

her bruised blue history that'll interest no one left in piles

of her raw reality and your refined lies

~ Christiana Sasa ______________

waiting for a mail… ------ time slides down the trajectory of its own plasmatic imagination

the earth stopped rotating or fell off her favourite orbit -- It's not like that!

life is too dynamic to halt or trace back... but sometimes mind becomes strategically

porous and I pick up nanofractions of some precious seconds located in future confused with past

I'll cross out all my calculations of days and decades. Such a misery --- to wait for a mail…!

~ Christiana Sasa

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