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Spotlight: Christopher Julson

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It's a wonderful day for me to share the work of someone I find highly talented. Today, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, it is a privilege to share with you the work of poet Christopher Julson.

I was first introduced to Chris' poetry very recently - he is one of four poets whose work I decided to include in the poetry anthology, "Spotlight" (with his permission, of course) on my first day of looking for outstanding poetry for the book. I knew nothing about Chris and had not read any of his other work (at the time). It was important - to me - to include the works of poets I was very familiar with and had followed for months or over a year - and also include the works of poets completely new to me - for a "better" mix. And it all worked out very well.

Chris' poetry is smart. With a highly-impressive vocabulary and a talent to use words well, his poems shine. And he's an all-around great guy!

Here is Christopher Julson in his own words:

I haven't been writing poetry for too long, under a year. I mostly just wanted to improve my writing skills in general. Express myself better, more poetically, I write what motivates me, my interests. Try to be unique, convey knowledge, different ways of thinking.

Here is Chris' poem, "Magnum Opus" - and I'm certain you'll enjoy it as much as I do! ______________

Magnum Opus:

Takwin fixated upon purification spontaneously coagulated formations upon homunculus godless growth transfixed generating another soulless clone the culmination of rotting human semen flayed skin and beast dung combination putrefying fleshen offspring blood fed childhood deteriorating and dissolving for 40 days animated but indeed dead living flames gently caress glass flask kissing beneath borosilicate casket passionately human pain membrane darkness projected symbolically esoteric science arousing synthetic synthesis triggering luciferian genesis spiritual regeneration within.

Amassing fetal nebula multiple amorphous blobs connect and conjoin slowly transmuting into a monstrous miniaturized singularity the cancerous globular cluster lacks sentience liberated from possessing a conscience physical skin and bone metamorphosis mitosis artificial man created by means of magical chemical reactions a citizen of some kind of psycho-cosmic Sodom that sage's mental macrophage pillage berserkers rage upon completely cleansing psychologems animalistic sin conquered evil images are extracted personified as the archetypal villain darkness projected symbolically

conveyed as chrysopoeian metaphors painfully cracking open the transparent doors of perception.

Futilely sub-sapien's clenched fists pound constantly against Pyrex matrix cell wall hellish womb home an impenetrable crystalline prison existing purely as exiled malevolent insanity it feels no pain in laboratories tomb of intensity lifelikeness lone lifeless entity where it is forever to remain the same stagnating in isolation until the end of time for nobody who cares is there to hear its screams Its only company is uncertainties terror under blackened glare mystic's sadistic stare torments the poor thing marveling over his spectacular results what the mass appears to mean but it's certainly not what it seems psychic waste manifesting external emptiness he himself decomposing within a similar container.

A progressing imaginal mimics organic fermentation process kicks and shrillish screams eventually desist inside it has nothing but room to cultivate sickness wasted energy feinding to wreak havoc with wickedness so an unwrought soul it seeks with envy there's no connection to divinity eyes reflecting utmost darkest features composed soley of lowly chunks of inert atoms truly a grisly display splendidly suspended matter father's pitiful creature another undead structure with no future another unique addition to his collection of shadow work.

Soon it becomes silent and expressionless perfectly still it sits there instinctually petrified precious artifact nestled between cobwebbed skulls and scrolls placed high upon maple shelving for further observation in some weird way it is aware just patiently waiting still watching just sitting there feigning death awaiting exodus still it awaits hoping wishing for only a single chance.

This unburrowed and discarded scum its fantasies are the nightmares we struggle to fathom inhaling ashen illusion with each breath taken shadows to the problems we must overcome exhaling vaporous whispers wide eyed from paranoia trancing out in the hazy heart of smoken horror chamber mesmerizing mephitic maelstrom the magus will not succumb for he remembers whence it came.

-PsyMan Magus X Christopher J.

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