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Spotlight: Christopher Schubert

Hi All

It's time to showcase the amazing work of a talented individual. Today, it is my pleasure to bring you the poetry and spoken word of Christopher Shubert.

My poetry, for years, has often been described as "raw" (I always take this as a compliment, whether it is meant that way or not) and I use the same word to describe much of Christopher's work. His work is often raw, emotional, gloves-off verse that offers a unique voice with exceptional poetic skill.

Christopher in his own words:

My work is very eclectic and ranges from themes of, but not limited to ptsd, anxiety, sex, depression, space, nature, politics, philosophy, the human condition, love, comedy…to name a few genres. You can find me on YouTube at @schubi3doobi3 on instagram and also I help moderate a platform for poetry on instagram called @midnightandcoffeee be kind!

With celebration, I present the poetry of Christopher Shubert. Here is "Teacher Became Student" (the video uses colors for visual effect - nobody has slipped you LSD ):

that day i became a student again i was skooled it was a long time coming don’t be fooled

i may have hit a stride, but i was pulled aside and and yo i can’t lie some truths are too dark not to hide

i was unprofessional i didn’t play the part made a mockery of the job i taught a sloppy art

i hoped i showed those kids how not to live it’s sick, we had fun but my dreams dried up and became numb it was a long time coming

and now that time has arrived the teacher becomes student and yes this is a hit on my ego, wallet, and pride i’m gonna take some time

i recklessly showed up like they owed it to me i mean i gave the best parts of me sloppily i said that, but i can’t say it enough it was a long time coming, yuuuuuup

fuck i’m a learning life lessons as i write this and undoubtedly when i’ll recite this. i hope it ignites this furious righteousness within me to overcome the slight urge i get to slit my wrists make u watch as i bleed my dreams and watch them turn to nightmares who cares but wait, there is a lesson here. i don’t know if i am ready to unpack it all and face it now. so life long learning it is

this is a long time coming, mr schubert don’t work here no more. my email is disabled and my permanent record sealed. i won’t be teaching until i learn how to truly heal it feels like i am trailing off but i am just getting started i have been thwarted before i was retarded who farted?! fox smells their own hole first, pull my finger smell the worst, two for flinching bet that hurts!

it was today that this teacher took that hat off threw it in the ring, wrestle me for the title of entertainment king, i wanna dance on clouds, and make your heart scream, this was a long time coming, but i think i found my new thing.

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