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Spotlight: Darlene Gregg

Hi All

It's an amazing day to feature an individual I find highly talented. Today, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, it is a privilege to shine the spotlight on the work of Darlene Gregg!

I ran across Darlene's poetry several months ago and immediately became an admirer of it. Then I got to know Darlene (as a person) and we've been friends ever since. Her writing is outstanding and Darlene, herself, makes me smile.

Here is Darlene in her own words:

My name is Mrs. Darlene Gregg, owner of my main writing page Ramblings of a Winter Rose, I have always journeled since I was young, and did a lot of letter writing to my mother who was incarcerated, and just recently the last few years started publicly sharing my scribbles. I have suffered with mental illnesses for as long as I can remember, and writing helps me to sort out my emotions that I have always felt deeply and painfully. Sometimes they are a little dark, and sometimes they become a beacon of light, I have started to share them in hopes of it helping someone else to feel less alone, or more motivated, depending on my content. I am grateful for every little bit of support and understanding, and honored to be featured here, thank you.

It is an honor to share Darlene's poetry here. I know you'll love it as much as I do! ______________


Evidently visible the way her soul solemnly cries Through her broken windows it is easily recognized Like glass, her eyes appear crystallized Impregnated by tears, sugar, and the coldest lies She's the girl with diamond eyes Easily seen through a rainbow view with no disguise Secreting the sweetest tears from eyes of stone; winterized Possessing haunted ghosts and candied eyes that forever shine Broken cracks released in lines like dark poetry intensified Discharging remnants of captive kindness and love held hostage now free to fly like metamorphosed butterflies

D.G. © ______________


To whom it concerns;

My chapped cheeks that I've been powdering make it hard for me to draw boundaries There are times I can keep my boundaries firm Other times just kept rosy til my life carries its term The ghosts of my past are always haunting me They carry strangled letters that injure and taunt me I am hit and choked by drunk concussions just shy of your normal discussions I broke free of them with a blank canvas but these ailments did not simply vanish I will always be the girl powdering bruised lips and chapped cheeks I wear scars on my arms and my eyes still sometimes cry and leak I will love myself but always carry a pain that grows older and colder each new February If I live to be ninety it will always hurt me Born with a wasted heart loving those who made then deserted me A love I can't help as it is a love made naturally My loving heart will always love you like a tragedy

With love, Your daughter

D.G. ©

White roses mean "I'm worthy of you."

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