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Spotlight: David Hardin & The Back To Nature Garden Center

Hi All

I'd like to introduce David Hardin, the owner of the Back to Nature Garden Center in Augusta, GA - The lovely outdoors area will serve as the location for the filming of "A Very Special Poetry Reading - And Dance Party - With Jimmy Broccoli", scheduled for May, 2021. Yay!

Though David may not be a painter, or a poet, or a stage performer, he is no less of an artist. His landscapes (literal landscapes) flow with beauty and creativity. He knows how to create a welcoming and magical atmosphere with the perfect touch here and another perfect tough there. It doesn't take long until any event held (especially those held at night) becomes a visual masterpiece in all directions.

Many months ago I attended a poetry reading at the Back to Nature Garden Center. Tiki torches lit the early evening pathways, while fairy lights welcomed attendees to the woody spot where the readings were to be held. It was stepping into another dimension, filled with supernatural beauty and warmth. I expected to see elves peek their heads out from behind the lighted shrubbery.

It is with great excitement to have my first poetry reading /dance party be filmed in such a lovely, inviting, and mystical setting.

So, this post is to introduce (to those who hadn't previously known him) and thank David Hardin for providing a perfect location for an event that will surely be memorable (and the world's first poetry reading and dance party) - and for being an incredible friend all these years.

With much love and appreciation...always!

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