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Spotlight: Donna McCabe

Hi All

It's a wonderful day to shine the light on someone I find highly talented. It is with great excitement, today on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, I share with you the poetry of Donna McCabe.

I've been reading Donna's poetry since near the time I first joined the online worldwide poetry scene (almost 2 1/2 years ago) - and have enjoyed her work since. She is a terrific poet and an amazing friend - with a beautiful heart and poetic words to match.

Donna in her own words:

Donna McCabe is an established poet with over twenty years experience. Her work has gained her multiple accolades within her field of literature. From being published in journals, magazines, and anthologies she is also a respected admin on social media pages as well as having her own Instagram page, @donnamccabe_

Facebook- Poemsbydonnamccabe

Here are two poems by Donna McCabe - and I'm certain you'll love them as much as I do! ______________

A Woman's Worth

Persevering under pressure Releasing that untapped goddess within me I finally feel unburdened, unblemished, alive I have no tears of society's expectations of me I tell myself, let your dreams bloom Through sheer radiating resilience And courageous compassion I will experience burgeoning bliss...

Donna McCabe © ____

Poetry Gives Me...

The freedom of expression To say what I feel It picks me up Puts me on an even keel It opens the door to another place When I feel the need to heal It gives hope and resilience When life has a rift I know on poetry I can rely and drift...

Donna McCabe ©

Photo: Donna McCabe.

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