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Spotlight: Elle Shephard

Hi All

It's a wonderful day to shine the spotlight on an individual I find highly talented. It is my pleasure to share with you, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, the writing of Elle Shepard.

I've known Elle for about a decade and she's one of my best friends. 10 years ago, as a new Library Branch Manager (in Augusta, GA, USA), I was looking for a local person to come to my library to talk about the history of Samhain/Halloween and found Elle online. I knew she'd be the perfect presenter on the topic (she is a pagan High Priestess) - and my prediction proved to be accurate. Elle's presentation was fascinating - and the evening concluded with a surprise visit from several members (in full costume) of Plantation Blood, the local "Haunted House". A wonderful time was had by all!

Elle, along with her partner Bill, are the organizers and hosts for the Bookworms Writer's Group, of which I am a long-term member. We meet (I join as often as I can) monthly to share our writing and enjoy a pot luck. With Elle's guidance, my writing has greatly improved throughout the years. And, since early on, Elle and I have been wonderful friends. If you pick up a copy of my collection of poems, "Damaged", you'll see Elle's name included on the Dedication page - her influence on my work (and in my life) cannot be overstated.

I could talk about Elle for hours, but I'll end my commentary here.

Elle in her own words:

Elle Shepard is a retired Theatre Director, Creative Writer and instructor and Freelance Artist. She currently lives in Augusta, Georgia with her life long partner and five adorable cats. She is 80 years young and is still enjoying every year that passes.

Below is an example of Elle's writing - and this one is a lot of fun! I know you'll love it as much as I do! ______________

The Disguise

Me: What the hell are you doing?

Cat: You can’t see me, I’m in a disguise.

Me: What? No, I can see you.

Cat: No. Disguise.

Me: Um, OK. What’s with the antlers?

Cat: I am a mighty stag.

Me: A mighty stag? Then, what’s with the monocle?

Cat: A mighty stag that’s going to an opera.

Me: And the crown?

Cat: It’s a formal opera.

Me: Quite formal I’d say.

Cat: I’m just paying respect to the performers.

Me: With fairy wings?

Cat: No, those are just for fun.

Me: Mmmmhmm. And the Christmas balls – what are they for?

Cat: Decoration.

Me: Well, I walked right into that one, didn’t I?

Cat: You can’t see me, I’m in a disguise.

Picture: Original art created by Elle's daughter.

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