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Spotlight: Faye Wallace

Hi All

It's time to shine the spotlight on a very talented artist. Today I present, on the Jimmy Broccoli page, a few samples of the incredible paintings of Faye Wallace.

I know Faye as an amazing writer of short stories, as an accomplished painter, and as a incredible friend I've known for years.

Faye, a self-taught artist, started painting several months after her stroke in 2004. Her paintings are a meditation on the history of egoistic nature of humanity hidden/buried by the might of four elements of nature. Pointing at the hidden clues of once proud kingdoms are beneath our steps or before our eyes, and yet we are easily fooled by our egos to comprehend how fragile we are.

The image presented here is an original oil paintings on canvas.

For more information, you may contact Faye at:; message her on FB; or contact her via --Faye is VP of HAC (non-profit org.) an avid supporter of all artists.

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