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Spotlight: Jae Jenkins Scott

Hi All

It's a great day to shine the spotlight on an individual I find highly talented. Today, it is a privilege to share with you the poetry of Jae Jenkins Scott.

I was first introduced to Jae's poems a few months ago on the poetry group We, the Carnivalesque and have read his poetry since.

Jae's poetry collection, "Leviathan", was released on Amazon a few months ago (link below) and I look forward to reading it and reviewing it (it's in the mail - if the U.S. Post office doesn't mess it up this time, I should receive it soon - Haha).

Here is Jae in his own words:

Originally from Scotland, Jae Jenkins Scott writes and performs around the North of England. His stagework fuses complicated impassioned performance with yesteryear’s words often - as in the poem and book cover below - borrowing themes from mythology, history or literature... in the case of 'Santiago', from a poetic re-exploration of Hemingway's 'The Old Man and the Sea'.

Lyrical and peppered with folk melody, his heartbeaten poetry finds rhythm and power on stage but is also intensely personal. His short talismanic piece 'Raising Cairns' speaks to the Kindness and Courage he wishes in the world for his three sons. And indeed for all our children.

Jae’s first fully illustrated collection ‘Leviathan’ was released by Impspired Publishing in October 2023 worldwide and enjoyed a week in the UK's Amazon Top 5 Poetry Bestsellers.

Here are two poems by Jae Jenkins Scott - and, I'm certain you'll enjoy them as much as I do!



Cobalt and salt could halt the swordfish circling the bay

Santiago brings the skiff around to settle with the spray

The hours pass like herring gulls each quieter than the last

Santiago brings his line inside to test a final cast

Magenta of the evening interweaves into the waves

Santiago’s vessel empty on the eighty fourth straight day

Beneath the boat, the Metaphor moves metamorphic fins

Her tentacles clean denticles as Metaphor begins

To coil around the basin of the cove and out to sea

There isn’t really ocean where the Metaphor won’t be

Her formless hornless beak breaks open sloping to the surface

Above this skiffs the fisherman who isn’t even nervous

The water blackens softly as his oars start to return

Santiago to the shore to eat the meal he failed to earn

Lighted in a ladder by the moon and several stars

Santiago nears the jetty where his hearth and safety are

But trailing in his wake he spins a solitary line

Santiago’s final motion drags the ocean in his mind

The Metaphor moves slowly with intent of intervening

The pause before the Metaphor is pregnant with its meaning

Her tail encircles gradually with lethal inclination

And tightens round an ending in the chain of his causation

The fisherman’s oblivious and doesn’t think to look

Before the jaws of Metaphor find Santiago’s hook



I don't wish to raise you up on pedestals from which your feet can't find the ground

Let me raise you as I would raise a Cairn

Let me take just one weight at a time and place it on you

Judging the structure of your soul with care and knowing whether and when you can bear one more

Promise me that each of you will support the other

As rocks in a Cairn

Let me raise you that way

Let me raise you on mountain tops and beaches...

let the wind wish you well and the salt lick your wounds

- stand back and admire you and the view

Let me be grateful for both

Let me raise you to remember what's important

To remember people first - as markers of the past and promises to what's to come

Let me raise you to mark the trail for others

Let others be lighthouses and beacons - let others be flags

You be Cairns

And - if you'd like to follow Jae Jenkins Scott Poetry - please see the link below in comments (it's the first comment).

Image: Jae Jenkins Scott.

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