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Spotlight: Jamie Santomasso

Hi All

I'm really excited to share the poetry of Jamie Santomasso on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website today!

As a poet (and as an amazing person), Jamie is the real deal. Her poetry is consistently excellent - often thought-provoking, sometimes emotional, and always memorable. She is highly active within The Poetry Kingdom, an Administrator and a founding member of the Soul Poet Society, and an accomplished author and editor. Over the past year, I've gotten to know Jamie through her poetry, by watching the videos she and her partner Mike Davidson share online, and by the messages Jamie and I have have exchanged throughout the months and consider her a good friend. She's an all-around wonderful person and I'm really glad she is part of my life.

Jamie in her own words:

Creativity has always been part of my life. I started writing around the age of five, but took a hiatus around 18. It wasn't until I started dating my boyfriend Mike that I really started to explore the poetry world again at his urging. I joined The Poetry Kingdom in December 2020, and was immediately welcomed with open arms. I felt I was home again through poetry. Since then I established my personal writing page, Spirit of the Sonnetteer, and the Soul Poet Society group here on Facebook. I've also dipped my toe into the self-publishing world having edited and/or created several works of my own and other writers. My most recent project was creating a how-to on poetry forms with the amazing Brandie Elaine for The Poetry Kingdom, and I just began work on the second Soul Poet Society anthology, Quintessence: Coming of Age. I love this community and the amazing people I've found here! ______________

The poem I'd like to share is one that I wrote when I first started writing again; a narrative of the first night Mike and I met:

She sat, drink in hand Waiting patiently for her suitor to show It was warm that night; August twilight as the background. As he walked toward her they locked eyes for the first time Yet she couldn't shake the supposition that they had been here before, together. A scent of familiarity; honey dews and lilac, It enveloped her and pulled her to the edge of the rabbit hole. She was entranced.

In that moment they were the only two in the world, Creating what would be memories neither of them knew they would keep. Engaged in conversation, locked in hypnotic stare Mesmerized by his gaze, she knew she was looking at the calling card of his soul, Eyes blue like the seas. She ached to learn more, To read him cover to cover To memorize his prologue and epilogue To recite his printed words. For in those pages lay the keys, and he was eager to open the door.

Their pull was magnetic, an exigent force that could not be ignored by any that came across them. Intoxicating and lush An intensity to behold. He seemed almost tailor-made, A gift, As if engineered by a master sculptor. Was this chance meeting more than serendipity?

Day turned to dusk Enveloped in discord, they drank in the blueprint that elucidated the other. As if learning a new dialect, but one all their own. They were becoming one. Without words, they adjourned. The anticipation of the unknown awaited them, Playfully taunting the pair as they departed with intent Retiring to her refuge they plunged further down the rabbit hole.

Hours passed like minutes. They indulged in each other as if they were starving for air, alternating between profound colloquy and the language of lovers; whispery gasps creating the soundtrack. Drunk off euphoria, Endorphins coursing through their veins, High off their own supply. He embraced her as if she had always been there.

A spark inside her ignited, "what ifs" were replaced with unquestionable truths that neither could ignore. Synchronicities danced in firelight. His fingers traced her art-laced body instinctively, as if having done it for years, burned into his memory Their lips met effortlessly, reuniting for the first time. She welcomed him into her with only a look He swam in the oceans of her lust. Drowning in passion they gasped for air, Floating with the stars as one.

Her soul was unable to shake the feeling of home A place she wasn't looking for, yet discovered regardless. Her reverie resided in his arms The personification of perfection And she knew, this was beginning.

Night birthed morning Refreshed despite not having taken in slumber They were each other's rejuvenation. The sun rays recharged their cores The reality had not set Their lives changed irrevocably They were now on the path intended, mirrored, as if prepensed, forever intending to lead to this moment. The now.

Finally, they rose from the rapture they had woven hours before Bedsheets strewn across the floor in fervor. Locking fingers like ivy Embracing as if it were their last, Knowing it was their first. Their eyes locked, sharing secrets they themselves didn't know yet. Becoming, in its purest form.

As she closed the door behind him a wave of serenity engulfed her. Peace. Purpose. He left behind his energy with her A song crafted by the fates, Pacing her vibration perfectly in time And she realized, this was indeed beginning. It had always been.

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