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Spotlight: jared Christian

Hi All

It's a great day to shine the light on someone I find highly talented. It is an honor to share with you - both on my page (here) and on my website (soon) - the poetry of Jared Christian.

I was first introduced to Jared's poetry only a few months ago - as part of the poetry group, "We the Carnivalesque". I immediately gravitated to it and read more. Jared was one of a handful of poets I chose to be included for my third anthology, "Ovation", whose work I hadn't followed for long. He's an outstanding poet - and, it's an honor to have his poetry within Ovation - and to share it here.

Here is Jared in his own words:

Jared Christian, AKA The Ever Paler Pauper, is a Georgia native and a recently heartbroken poet that refuses to give up on romance.

His passions include writing, board games, teaching, and most importantly being a father.

His heroes are Charles Bukowski, George Carlin, and Anthony Bourdain

Here are two poems written by Jared Christian - and, I'm certain you'll enjoy them as much as I do!


Lonesome Gardens

Let me write you verses of the things my mouth won't utter.

I want to pick you flowers, see you smile, as I stutter

Attempting to explain how beautiful, this soul that I do see

Fiendishly craving a goddess that'll love me for just me.

Can I kiss you while you sleep knowing you're dreaming of us?

Can we make love without you being just another succubus?

I may not have a pretty face but I've got a kind heart to give

A desire to make someone happy in this short dark life we live...

Allow me to plant a growing garden in both of our love-sick souls

To nourish us through good times and bad, and eat love's fruit until we're old

Promise me you'll stay forever, for the Love Gods, they all know

That this poet's heart can't bear to be left again like another dying Rose.


'Come Back to Me Tiny Dancer'

We dance in Circles

at this Masquerade ball

Pygmalion with his

Perfect lifeless Lover.

Deaf to confessions

of Love now absent

Praying to the gods to

breathe Life into his Galatea.

A masterpiece whose

smile only appears to others.

Is this how God feels

towards his rebellious creation?

The truth takes ironic form

a Shakespearean drama

For it was Her that died

breathing Life into Him.

Eurydice played music instead.

Orpheus emerges from Hades

Looking back at a Savior now stone.

Reverse and Repeat.

Your pirouette is wonderful but the

music box slows. The melody has

halted, an endless Fermata, my tiny

porcelain dancer.

But alas, we must dance

until the world collapses

and we are both left cold

like eternal Pompeiian Lovers.

Photo: Jared Christian.

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