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Spotlight: Jennine Pike

Hi All

It's time to spotlight the talent of a very skilled individual. Today I'm very excited to feature the work of poet Jennine Pike on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website!

There are many words to describe Jennine's poetry (Engaging, Honest, often Intense, and Powerful - to name a few), but the first word that comes to my mind when considering her body of work is Relatable. Jennine has an extraordinary ability to communicate feelings and emotions and to tell poetic narratives that readers - to include me - can cling to and say, "I get it, I've been there". And she does it brilliantly. Jennine is among my favorite poets.

Jennine in her own words:

"I am an introvert. A quiet person who holds in my emotions until I explode. I hadn't written poetry in years when I started reading it on Facebook a couple years ago. I began connecting with poets not because I wanted to write but because I was so damn lonely. Having just ended a toxic 5-year long relationship I craved connection with others. In these poetry communities I was encouraged to write again. Getting my emotions out has immensely helped my mental health. Having others relate is priceless. And the friendships I've made are everything."

It is an honor to have Jennine's poems on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website today. Here are two of her poems and they are outstanding. ______________

Attention Seeking Bullshit

I'm high and I'm lonely My kids went back to their dad today Left with no one to hold me No one to look in my eyes lovingly It pains me in so many ways

Thoughts running through my head So many dark ones darting As I'm laying alone in my bed My heart overflowing with dread All feelings of love departing

There must be a hole in my chest It is very taxing to breathe How could I feel any less Putting my soul to the test And I must continue to succeed

Crying is my only outlet Oh yes, and writing this How much more depressing can it get? I'm not a writer, I can only edit This piece is sinking into the abyss

Why am I feeling so down? I know none of this shit is true Do I really want to pass this around? As my confidence is quickly unwound This whiney, wishy-washy shit is taboo

So somehow I will stand tall Even though that's a main insecurity Get higher to try to forget it all Dangling from the edge, I shall not fall And experience the crepuscule of clarity

©JennineLeePike 3/22/2021 ___________

Dear Darkness

I welcome you soley enfolded in my soul Within your veil I experience solace A missing part of the whole A space alone in my palace Like Alice down the rabbit hole

You caress my heart with gentle finesse You relieve my everlasting torment Floating along cognizant of weightlessness Forever adrift in your current In my eyes you emanate flawlessness

Images flash in mind's eye, fervent An immense eternal genius I'm constantly in awe of your talent Amidst the rubble, I am your goddess I belong to you, I will not relent Presently drowning in trouble, I must be honest You are my everything: My love, my life, my last lament.

©JennineLeePike 4/30/2021

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