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Spotlight: Junee Banjerie

Hi All

It's an amazing day for me to share with you the work of someone I find highly talented. Today, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, it is a privilege to share with you the poetry of Junee Banjerie.

I first ran across Junee's poems on the first day I was considering poetry to be included in my upcoming anthology, "Spotlight" (released last month and available on Amazon). Junee is 1 of 4 poets (Spotlight includes the work of 83 poets) I knew nothing about - but was immediately drawn to her work and knew I wanted it to be included within the anthology.

Since that first day, I've read several of Junee's pieces and am impressed with her poetic style and poetic voice. I relate to her poems, even when they (or especially when they) delve deep into the darkest of waters. Junee is highly skilled at creating atmosphere, choosing descriptive and emotional words, and is a master at storytelling.

Junee Banjerie in her own words:

I've enjoyed writing poetry ever since I was a child. For me, poetry is my way of expressing those feelings we keep buried inside. I cover a wide range of topics, including love, depression, and abuse. I hope you enjoy my poetry, and thank you for reading.

Here, I share the poetry of Junee Banjerie - and I know you'll love her work as much as I do! ______________


Where do you go when you're lonely

Drowning in tears in the night

Sleeping in shadows by your pillow

Praying that you'll be alright...

Who do you think of, what do you do

When love has drifted away...

Lying with memories so close to your heart

Lost in all the words you never say...

Where do you go when you're walking alone

With love that splintered into pain...

Holding the memories you'll never let go

Trying to live, but in vain...

Who do you think of when the nights are long

And a melancholy silence sits still...

Where do you go when the moon is lost

And darkness falls over the hills...

How do you smile when your heart is gone

Lying with ashes a thousand miles away

Dreaming of love that never came true

Praying you'll be mine someday...

Oh, praying you'll be mine someday...


And an aching heart has no words to say

And no more songs to sing

Blinded by the pain of love

Wandering in another empty dream...

And lovers are broken, lovers are torn

Standing alone in the rain

Always believing that love will come home

Washing away the tears of pain...

And only the lonely will sit here tonight

Wondering what they can do

And only the broken watch those days disappear

Those days, when love was true...

Have blue skies faded to scarlet streaks

Not knowing where these days will lead

For lovers are selfish, and lovers are bold

Lovers are kind and so discreet...

Lovers are poets lost to the call of lust

Forever dreaming about memories they keep

And love is the saviour of souls in the night

Of withered hearts that are longing for sleep...


And the broken and the lonely

Forever call from foreign lands

Are crushed upon this cruel world

In dreams they can't understand...

And the dreamers and believers

Who hide behind their mask

Waging a war against distance and time

Knowing their love won't last...

For love is gone from broken hearts

And it splinters into dust

And love is like the serpent's call

That hides in thorns of lust...

Recounting the bitter words they said

That burst out at the seams

Living in shadows of the bitter frost

That settles on our dreams...

And only the lonely sit here tonight

Wondering what they can do

Only the broken watch those days disappear

Those days, when love was true...

Those days, when love was true...

- Junee Banjerie

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