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Spotlight: Laura Whelton

Hi All

It's a fantastic day to feature the work of someone I find highly talented. Today, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, it is an honor to share the poetry of Laura Whelton.

Laura and I have been friends and have been following each others' work for several months - she's a terrific poet/writer and a wonderful person and friend. Laura is the first Featured Poet (here) from Ireland.

Here is Laura in her own words:

I’m a 45-year-old female living in Ireland in Cork City. I grew up in a small town with one brother and two sisters. I always loved drawing and writing and baking/cooking.

I studied Fine Art in Galway and after worked in the Food Industry with some blips along the way, finally training to be a chef in Fine Dining.

I had to give up this career due to an autoimmune disease. I went back to college and studied Sociology, Celtic Civilisation, majoring in English and History of Art.

I managed to secure an MPhil in Trinity but the fees were too expensive so went to do the MA in English in UCC instead. I enjoy Soccer, Film, Writing, wines and gins and chatting online. I help run a few poetry groups which has been rewarding meeting new people.

Here are two poems by Laura Whelton - and I know you'll love them as much as I do! ______________ A Moments Hush.

Most sweet it is, these starry skies, Which watch unopened akin to spies. And in the darkened subdued hush, The feeling of your lightest touch. This grazes mostly, skin on skin, Like ripples, water flowing within.

A softly whispered word in ear, Cloaks the harkened morning here. A breathless, harried, broken rush, Soothes the listener, aches for touch. I answer slowly, breath on breath, A moment follows, a thing of death.

The death of silence, noise awakes, Two lovers waiting at heavens gates. Hand in hand, mouth to mouth, Touching meeting, entwined, engaged. ______________ A Hindered Motion of the Soul.

I drank to forget, Oceans of thought, Millenniums of traversed logic - A piece of me inside -

Oh wonder now, this present, These tranquillised hours Of pain- I can’t feel.

My tongue licks the end of the world, And I can taste the sea - salt –

I am alive and I am free, Inside this dream.

Oh the mind, mind has mountains, Left to climb. Cliffs of relief Forests I have felled, Sawdust seconds Of secluded interludes. I repeat, I regret, I repeat.

And a dozen reasons Come to air, Oxygenised oxymorons

- What? –

I am a secreted motion, I bleed to live,

One more day

Inside this world I call home Inside this reason I call life

- One more day -

Photo: Laura Whelton

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