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Spotlight: Lea Webber

Hi All

It's a wonderful day to share the amazing work of someone I find highly talented. Today I am excited to share the poetry of Lea Webber with you, here on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website.

I've enjoyed reading and watching Lea perform her poems online for several months. Her poetic perspectives, her word choices and her flawless deliveries (I highly suggest you watch the video linked below) are what make Lea's work unique, memorable, and wonderful to read or listen to.

Lea is her own words:

I am from the South Wales Valleys in the UK, a mother of two young children who amaze me every day. I have had an eclectic career path and my work is influenced by my background of working with trauma through psychotherapy, advocacy and crisis intervention.

I also work as a self employed intuitive guide and tarot reader and identify as a solitary moon and divination witch, so my influence in the esoteric is a big inspiration for my work.

I wrote my first poem at 7, which my teacher made the whole class recite for a St David's Day assembly, and won several poetry competitions at secondary school, including the prestigious "Chair" at the school "Eisteddfod." However, I have only been writing regularly for the past few years, with quite a few pieces now published and a couple of chapbooks being planned for release with an independent publisher.

I would describe myself as an 'Oracular' poet, and feel that my soul is on a journey back to finding my authentic voice through reigniting my childhood passion for creative writing.

Facebook: Leanne Webber Poetry Instagram: @purple_persephone_ YouTube: The Mystical Poetess

Below is the link to watch and listen to Lea read her poem Death (Card XIII) and below is the poem written out. I'm thrilled to be featuring the work of Lea Webber today. I'm certain you'll enjoy it as much as I do!

Here is Lea reading her poem, Death (Card XIII):

Death (Card XIII)

Part I (Acrostic)

Transforming, sometimes Haunting, always Ending.

Death is a fairground. Entertainment for the malefic. A myriad attractions to Taunt a menagerie of lost souls. Hope refuses to face it's shadow and let go.

Change is upon us. Ascend from the ashes, Rise! Rise, radically;- Do it! Do it to death.

Part II (Free Verse)

The death card: infamously the most feared draw of the Tarot. Ruled by the eighth house and Pluto, emanating the energy of Scorpio. Dreadful to the uninitiated. Sudden, ominous, alarming.

Like an ink black crow to the superstitious. Enigmatic, unexpected. When pulled it can punch, eliciting the same dread as the startling face of a sleep demon; Turning dreams into nightmares, in misaligned alchemy.

To the gifted, astute and seasoned readers, we know: Rarely should those bones, that horse, that flag of deathly bloom, ever be taken at face value. Notice the gold beneath their feet, the children, the sun rising between the twin towers of disruption. Don't forget the richly robed priest.

Breathe in these symbols and see sovereignty, completion, finishing, closure, transmutation. Breathe out.

Is this a sign that something must terminate, so that we may begin again? Are there better times ahead? If we can release the past, the hurt, that which bears no fruit?

Out of chaos there is order and in order there is Death. Though sometimes, just as life means life; death can just mean death. And yet, is death ever final?

Written and performed by Leanne Webber

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