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Spotlight: Liz Forssell

Hi All

It's an awesome day to share with you the work of someone I find highly talented. Today, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, I'm thrilled to present the poetry of Liz Forssell.

Liz has a high-level ability to use the right words at the right time and weave them together beautifully. Much of her poetry is raw and exposed - this is one (of many) aspects I love about Liz's writing - it's real and I can relate to it.

Liz in her own words:

My name is Liz Forssell. I am a lifelong American writer. Since I was a little girl, taking notes and making observations through church service, school, and any place I could find solitude. I have written in many forms from historical fiction to poetry. Our beautiful and sometimes tragic existence, has always Inspired me. Every piece I put out into the world holds a little part of me, and is in some form based in truth. I've poured my struggles and triumphs onto the pages that capture my life in still moments of time. From being a single mom after severe abuse. Being homeless and Lost 2 times in the last 5 years. Recovering from addiction. Many near death experiences. Starting and losing 2 businesses within 4 years. And finally after all that I had the sense of self-worth to start reaching for my dreams and had some of my pieces published last year in magazines & books, internationally. I have always been able to surpass any obstacle before me. Being a writer is both a form of therapy and a way to maybe help someone else find solace in my words as well. Language is such a gift and thankfully in that, all our lives are lifted and enlightened.

Below are 3 poems by Liz Forssell - and I know you'll love them as much as I do! ______________

In the Meadow

I'll be gone a wee while in the meadow gone a wee while in the meadow soft grass hugs me tight cool brisk air gives a kiss the song of the night it does cradle me till the moon sings its song stars will shine until dawn gone a wee while in the meadow flowers do sway with the breeze far away up a hill over by the stone cottage calling to me all the petals do sing with the moon until sun will bring morning they hum and they dance in the moonlight entranced I've been gone a wee while in the meadow heavy I sink deep to earth in a blink smells, too sweetly to leave I'll too sing the song till the stars are all gone gone a wee while in the meadow rest my eyes for a wink as I sink and I sink till I open my eyes to eternal blue skies here I lay soul awake in the meadow.... ______________


Love, how long must I wait in this garden of remembrance tending to the ghost of you in branches old and flowers new ______________


stains of sinful sorrow seep softly through my skin tell me tell me tell me why the greedy always grin cover it with rhinestones push away the pain if I can make it pretty maybe it'll go away cover it with kisses lick it till it lies it tells me I will be okay even when I'd rather die

Photo: Liz Forssell

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