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Spotlight: Lolla Smith

Hi All

It's a wonderful day to present the work of someone I find highly talented. It is an honor to share with you the poetry of Lolla Smith, here on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website.

I ran across Lolla's writing a few months ago. Her attention to detail (word choices) is highly impressive and she writes about subjects I relate to and understand (by experience). Lolla is a fantastic writer.

Here is Lolla in her own words:

Hi. My name is Lolla Smith. I am 28 years old. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. Writing is my passion. I write only what I have lived and that which sets my soul on fire. I am currently an accountant at a law firm.

Here is a sample of Lolla Smith's writing - and I know you'll love it as much as I do! ______________

Mental Health Plea From Me...

Scared of meeting people Afraid of making friends Everyday wishing that it all ends Voices screaming loudly inside my head My will to do anything is gone I want to stay in bed I hate the way I look I hate the way I act I hate that I hate myself That's a bloody fact My mental is chaos

I see a psychologist and drink the damn meds But it does not make me better it just messes with my head Screaming nightly terrors and at some point harmed myself Ended in a mental institution because of my mental health Please look after yours and make sure you are okay Trust me that a psych ward is no fun place to stay

They are supposed to help us and help us feel okay But instead they shove you in a straightjacket to keep you from harm’s way If one more bloody therapist ask me "How does it make you feel" I am going to have a breakdown Because if I knew the answer I won't be here for real

Please to all that read this I am begging on my knees Take care of your mental health it's so important please To the Doctors, Staff and more that help us cope please stop feeding us medication and rather feed us hope We do appreciate all that you do But years now it has been proofed Mental health won't get better one day out of the blue

Make psych wards and institutions that care for us when we no longer can Just feel less like we are outcasts from the world locked in there for a ban Improve the education and awareness of what we live with every day And for the love of all that is holy Reduce what we have to pay Some medical schemes don't cover Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia and voices in my head We need just need a little help I stand by what I said

© Lolla Smith

Photo collage: Lolla Smith.

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