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Spotlight: Majjor & Mariah - Cute Puppies - Part II

Hi All

This Sunday - like other Sundays - I am spotlighting a person or persons (and, occasionally canine or feline) who are amazing - and, this week, the two candidates chosen are super cute and lovable - and those are their talents, among so many other wonderful traits!

Until recently (they moved to Ohio at the first of the month), I lived with Majjor and Mariah, two amazing dogs who contributed to making my life awesome for several years!

Majjor and Mariah were the dogs of my roommates, but the three of us hung out every day - often for hours - to play and to be lazy together.

So, this week, I focus on Majjor and Mariah - two puppies that are wonderfully adorable and have, for years, been a part of my favorite memories!

Photo is of Mariah


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