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Spotlight: Marie Harris

Hi All

It's a fantastic day to share with you the work of someone I find highly talented. Today, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, it is my pleasure to feature the poetry of Marie Harris.

I've read Marie's poems for quite a few months now - and became an immediate fan of her work upon my first read. Marie is terrific at using the right words at the right time and her attention to image and details are extraordinary. And she is super nice and I'm pleased to call her my friend.

Here is Marie in her own words:

My name is Marie Harris. I have been writing poetry since the age of ten. I write from personal experience and my life as a child. I enjoy doing word prompts and photo prompt challenges. I am an avid reader and love crossword puzzles. I have been awarded numerous certificates for my Poetic work. It touches my poet soul when what I write resonates with others.

Here are two poems by Marie Harris - and I know you'll love them as much as I do! ______________


Many years from now My sweetest heart It will not matter How, the why, the start When love bloomed In bright profusion against our garden walls Where two hearts collided And decided then to fall

It will not matter How many rainy days Hid the sun, or the winds That blew hot and cold It will only matter That we loved one heart, one soul

It will not matter when all is said and done As we share our lives in the twilight years The two of us dancing through well-worn familiar steps Held together by faith and love's long ago promise Amid the laughter and the tears

We followed love through our ups and downs Through life's moments of elation and despair We will recall them as we walk together in our garden, reminiscing there

It will not matter all that came and went All that pained and marked our hearts with life's stain What will matter my dearest heart Is the love that still remains

Marie Harris Revised 03/16/22 (c) all rights reserved ______________

Remembering Yesterday

In a moment traveling down the road of yesterday Memories softly whisper in my mind To go back if only for one day To gather close the love that my heart and yesterday hold in kind

Those cherished memories cause a tear to fall A tiny painful reminder Of two hearts waiting for tomorrow With time to spare Love's path ended with a heart full of sorrow

Nothing can change the fact that you are gone Life unfortunately moves relentlessly on In the quietness of a summer evening Yesterday was the time when fate left me alone

Today fills my hearts with what if and why Like the faded photos in an antique frame In that old trunk found in my heart The memory of our love refuses to die

Yesterday leaves me wanting A night when memories sleep undisturbed In the lonely recesses of a broken heart Where echoes of yesterday can't be heard

Someday when my heart is healed When memories are where happiness and love occurred Moments will offer solace Someday yesterday will be just a word

Marie Harris 05/03/22 (c) all rights reserved

Photo: Marie Harris.

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