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Spotlight: Mike Davidson

Hi All

It's an excellent day to feature the work of a very talented individual with you, here on the Jimmy Broccoli website. It is with high honor I share the poetry of Mike Davidson with you today.

I joined the online writing community about 14 months ago - and I discovered a poem by Mike Davidson that first day - and I'm very glad I did. Online communities, made up of thousands of members, can (initially) be overwhelming and, on that first day, I read a lot (lots and lots) of poetry I didn't emotionally or intellectually connect with - then I ran across Mike's poetry. I read one of his poems and paused (very little in life makes me pause). Then I read it again. Then I searched out more of his poetry and, within the hour, I had placed an order through Lulu ( to purchase his book of poems, "The Arsonist's Manifesto". And I've been a big fan ever since.

Mike, in addition to being an outstanding and accomplished poet, is an active member of The Poetry Kingdom, a co-creator and Administrator for Soul Poet Society, a published author, and an all-around really great guy.

It was, initially, reading Mike's poetry that propelled me to continue to seek out other poetry (written by others) I might enjoy. And, since, I've discovered several poets whose work I admire. But, I always circle back to Mike's writing and enjoy reading his newest work. It's often intense and impactful, frequently emotional, and consistently written with high-skill and with pin-point accuracy towards word choice and structure.

Mike in his own words:

M. Davidson is a writer and poet. Born and raised in the Overland Park area of Kansas City—providing the backdrop and setting for the life experiences that shaped, cultivated, and inspired the opportunity to find his creative animus. From an early point in his youth, he utilized language to overcome his speech impediment, wielding polysyllabic speech to paint the concepts of love, loss, and awakening onto his canvass. Over time he would develop a style of writing that would become his own. His words are described as powerful, inspiring, and familiar to heart; able to inspire the soul through pen and paper. He believes that cradling both agony and passion while casting their collective cadence in an exalted fashion allows others to view the extremes of life in an entirely new way, as a collective, not it’s individual parts.

I encourage you to click the link below - it's Mike Davidson delivering his poem, "Cause and Chief" - it's exceptional - and I'm certain you'll love it:

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