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Spotlight: Poet Rohan Writes

Hi All

A very new friend of mine wrote and posted a poem about our initial meeting. It's quite good. Inspiration was the question, when you write, where is it from? I read the thread and mused a moment, music, was one point of view. A common place this writer had, and so I asked him for his pleasure, by surprise he opened freely. Last I heard he was circle down the drain, captivated wonderfully by a moon shaped pool, agreeing wholeheartedly, feeling the bends. What started the post made an instant connection, to see how we think with each other, in sync. Two strangers laughing at similarity, too many miles driven chasing the joy. We both had a smile and then bade our goodnights, for his day was starting and mine was late night. What delight to encounter a human, never before, our paths ever crossed, believe in the energy, bathe in its glow, it's the beating heart that makes this pen flow.

- Rohan Writes

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