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Spotlight: Pureheart Wolf Brown

Hi All

It's an amazing day to feature the work of someone I find highly talented. Today, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, it is an honor to feature the poetry of Pureheart Wolf Brown.

I first ran across Pureheart's poetry several weeks ago - and find it exceptional. Her use of imagery and emotion are high-level and her work is always interesting and thought-provoking. And - on top of it all - she has become an amazing friend!

Here is Pureheart Wolf Brown in her own words:

I currently work in the field of mental health, based in a GP Surgery. My background is Forensic and acute Psychiatry. I have also worked in the Criminal Justice System, substance misuse, teaching and housing.

Pureheart Wolf was a name given to me from a Native American Tribe in Louisiana. I use this name as a Pseudonym for my work.

I had never really shown much interest in poetry while I was growing up, until I lost both of my parents in the year 2000. I felt the need to put my pain into words. It was from then that I started to write more. Friends would ask me to write poems for their loved ones. It was from one of these poems, that I was approached by a writer’s group who asked if they could publish one of my poems. I was very flattered and not at all confident in my abilities. So, receiving recognition from a writer’s group was a huge compliment for me. I have had three poems submitted in the Absolutely Poetry Anthology 2. I feel honoured to support such a worthy cause.” Save the Children

Here are 3 poems by Pureheart Wolf Brown - and I know you'll love them as much as I do! ______________

The Pipers Tune

Let the Piper play To lead you away Use smoke and mirrors And lead you astray.

Oh, the promises they make The deals they will break They will lie and cheat To seal your fate.

You will dance along To the Pipers song Unable to break free Unable to see

You will live on the streets Sell sex just to eat You will only live for the Pipers next beat.

Your life will be theirs You will throw away your cares No money, no home You will die all alone

A paupers funeral With no one there Only a lone Piper Who leaves a chill in the air

If you hear the music Then don't start to dance Run away quickly it may be your last chance.

Copyright by Debbie Brown. AKA Pureheart Wolf 10/02/22. ______________

The Lighthouse

Meet me by the lighthouse Beacon shining bright Reflections on the water Two lovers’ hearts ignite A love that was forbidden From different walks of life They would Meet beside the lighthouse A lover’s quest delight. They swore to one another They would marry there one day Beside the tall white lighthouse Their bodies entwined with play Then one day his love was followed Her Father had his say His daughter will not marry His word "They will obey"! Both planned to meet in secret It would be their very last Her Father had a shotgun And fired two mighty blasts Now lovers, haunt the lighthouse They wander round at night You may see them by the water Apparitions shining bright.

Copyright: By Debbie Brown AKA Pureheart Wolf 19/04/22 ______________

The poem below, was when I found out that both my children were tested positive for Huntingtons. I can’t even describe the pain, Jimmy. I just wanted it to be me and not them. I was in a very dark place. I titled the poem “unknown” As there was no way I could put the pain I felt into words

When I do any poetry or writing. I do it from a place deep within. When you watch someone, you love, go through a difficult time especially; when it is your child. The pain is just overwhelming. I write as a form of healing. Here is something that I wrote in my darkest hours. However, I can look at it now and I know that I will stay strong and fight anything or anyone that dares to try and destroy the ones I love. I titled the poem unknown. ___


There are words that go unspoken, Like a pause before the thought, A feeling before the act, twitching beneath the surface, lies a multitude of faces that hide behind the mask. Those who go unnoticed, are the ones that shout the loudest. The screams that pierce the silence are of the deepest void of knowing, Oh, how does it feel to be that space, that void? I will tell you. It's the deepest kind of pain, that only one can feel, it does not have a word, a name or place. it resides deep within. It is the anticipation of an answer. All unknown.

Copyright Debbie Brown. AKA Pureheart Wolf. 28th November 2019

Photo: Pureheart Wolf Brown.

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