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Spotlight: Reese North

Hi All

It's a wonderful day to share with you the work of someone I find highly talented. Today, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, it is a pleasure to share with you the poetry of Reese North.

I first ran across Reese's poems a few months ago - and immediately had to read more (so I did) - and I've been reading his work since. He's an outstanding poet - and a really great guy! And, if you visit his page, I highly recommend clicking on one of his poetry readings - his delivery is flawless - and his Australian voice is heavy, powerful, and effective.

Here is Reese in his own words:

Reese North was born in Newcastle NSW Australia. He began writing poetry as a child and developed his unique voice through his adult years. In 1995, he performed his poetry at the Sydney Opera House, and later his work was visually represented at the Opera House in 2003. He continues to evolve his style.

Here are two poems by Reese North - and I know you'll love them as much as I do! ______________ BROOME W.A. 1981

I sat with lepers in an aluminium box 6 foot by 10 foot to house a family 30 in one row by 20 in another. I walked across dry sand littered with medicine bottles, beer bottles, broken bottles to a row of quiet tents away from the violence away from the shadow of the police station where stood the only water tap to quench the thirst of 200 Aboriginal people.

I sat with the anguish of old ones in love with life, old ones who cried in grief old ones who have accepted the Catholic way but not denied the land because they own no land and they own all. The meek ones the dreaming ones who sing love. Old ones who gathered pearl shells from the sea: with the pearl shells they built an altar out of respect for love, the foundation behind it all, then they walked to the open sea crying tears of salt.

Copyright Reese North 1982 ______________ HEROIN – a life cycle

Delusion: An illusion that escapes the censor of the eyes becomes a delusion between the ears.

Betrayal: Yesterday is so many memories tomorrow, just a junkie’s promise.

Overdose: ‘Now pass the pick and set me free I’ll be gone along my way and you’ll forget those broken windows in my head.’

Passing: ‘Death stands silent by his gate while I gape at his open jaws Spy a star that beckons me to enter Evermore.’

Sermon: Heroin is a slut! a cold cold whore She’ll jab you with her witch’s finger hold you by his warlock’s eye Fuck you up the arse if you’re not careful bleed your heart until you cry Twist you to his fork-tongued ways take you where desire dies: Taint you with her winter’s touch Wed you withered until you’re dust.

Copyright Reese North 2015

Photo: Reese North.

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