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Spotlight: Richard Homer

Hi All

It's a great day to shine the spotlight on someone I find highly talented. Today, on the Jimmy Broccoli page and website, it is an honor to share with you the written work of Richard Homer.

I first met Richard soon after I first began sharing my poems online - at a time my friends list included a few family members and supportive in-person friends (few of which are actual fans of my writing ). Richard was one of the first to say hello and I immediately read his work and became a fan - and we've become friends since. He is one of my favorite writers writing today - and I'm thrilled his work is within the pages of my first anthology, "Spotlight". Richard is a fantastic storyteller and his writing is often highly relatable - and is always well-written and thought-provoking.

This is Richard in his own words:

I’m so pleased to be here, I love Jimmy’s writing, so it’s a huge honor to be featured here on his page…

Hi I’m Richard and I like to write a little poetry, I’m 48 this August, I was born in the south of England in a town called Reading and I still live close by in a nice little village just outside of the town, I am happily married to Zoe (my best mate) and I have 5 children, 3 boys, and 2 girls ranging in age from 9 to 23.

I’m not at all academic and left school with no qualifications after getting diagnosed with dyslexia at 15, hence I now work with my hands and restore cars, I wrote my first poem nearly 6 years ago when a good friend passed, then nothing till I found myself with time on my hands in lockdown, anyways here’s a couple of my pieces for your consideration, many thanks, again it’s a pleasure to be here.

Here are two writes from Richard - and I know you'll enjoy them as much as I do! ______________

Underwear inferno

Just call it what it is, It’s a lie, and when you tell it, you make it “my” business, I try to ignore it….

Misrepresentation of information, and Distortion of the truth it’s no use, Don’t you see

Coining bogus phrases to deceive Bears no fruit ?….

Go ahead shoot, pseudo spiel, dressed up to appeal to the Gossip hungry, loose lipped fools investing in libel, til it spirals on to Invented fable’s…..

The falsifying, fabricating, fraudulent, fiction forging, fake, lying Fuckers

I’ve had enough of……

It all started with the “little white lie” The thinking is tested and tried’ justified by halting tear’s cried,

As “they” lie “They won’t find out, they’ll never know, And look anyhow, It’s all settled down now”

A little aspersion to save feelings from hurting

Dishonesty from a good place?…..

Pace forward through time and space These sentiments replaced with mase Backbiting, deception, and defamation All just to get ahead in this race called life…

In spite of myself, I don’t argue it, despite it being obvious bullshit I just don’t have the energy, I’m apathetic

The false witness is super articulate and memories slip, until the perjury’s flipped

I beg you to reverse it

Dismiss the fib that lies aside Untruths can bruise and hearts can die

So I ask why? Is honesty really so hard for humankind why do we not hear the mass deception This Imposition ignored by blind minds

Maybe that why we accept it Because we’re all doing it….

Most cats are bastards but even the most honest dog has a tale to tell, look beneath the tail, And there’s always shit to smell……. Liars! We’re all going to hell!.

RHomer 14/05/22 all writes reserved Wordsmith libertine ____

3 sides

I’d noticed lately words seem to come in “3’s” like

“Leave a message, and After the tone” The thought left me quickly as I held the phone. “Hi it’s me’ call me back”

I spat down the receiver, both angry and anxious that no one had picked up the line to receive a piece of my mind…..

Do people even leave these kind of messages anymore?….

I opened the door slammed it behind me, the loud bang absurd Missed the “3” steps to the porch, leg in the air, like a leap of faith, off an extra large kerb

I’d heard what you’d been saying, and it was playing over and over again in my brain….. A stain I couldn’t shift, Because you’d twisted the context of what had really played out

A seed of doubt was creeping in…

I got to the car, got in, and started it, all in one swift movement,

Just how fast I backed out of the drive was probably an error of judgment……..

What if it was me who’s got this in a spin The engine was running,

but I couldn’t engage the gears The fear was too unclear, what if this bullshit reached my peers ears…….

Why was it getting back to me, that apparently’ I’d said, what you’d actually said to me Jeez, How cleverly you projected this sleaze over to me…….

But maybe

Just maybe it wasn’t all you My memory is hazy, I’d had a rum and ginger or “3” It’s getting harder to recall and re’see That conversation we had just over “3” months ago clearly

I dearly want to get this shit sorted, it’s all distorted, and a cause of untold stress,

I’m distressed, Stressing for all different reason at this point The accelerator peddle and car floor are joined, but there’s no movement, the “3” cylinders growling nastily when I notice a light on the dash for coolant


I turn the key, take it out, and sit peacefully in the vacuum only a non running car offers I take this time, around “3” minutes to get my thoughts in order

The buzzing vibration of my phone breaks the silence and I get the same epiphany that “you” had just before you called with your phone switched to “mute”

There are “3” sides to this story Yours, Mine, And the truth……

RHomer 21/05/22 all writes reserved Wordsmith libertine’

Photo: Richard Homer.

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